Tips for Visiting Harry Potter World London

The magical Harry Potter World, London, is on the travel list of every Potterhead and traveler around the globe. 

This Warner Bros studio London is formally known as the Making of the Harry Potter but more fondly as Harry Potter World, London. 

There are an array of extraordinary, beautiful, and fun things to see, explore, and experience in the Harry Potter World. 

These tips for visiting Harry Potter World London will be helpful throughout your Harry Potter World tour. 

Let’s check out a few restrictions you should remember before jumping into the list of tips for visiting Harry Potter World London.

Harry Potter World London Restrictions

Harry Potter World tips and tricks
Image: Wizardingworld.com

Just like every other attraction, there are a few restrictions you should be aware of before beginning your Harry Potter World tour.

  • No Re-entry without a New Ticket:

Th first thing to remember is that you cannot re-enter its premises. 

Once you exit the Warner Bros studio, you must purchase a new entry ticket for Harry Potter World for re-entry. 

  • Age Restriction

Children under 16 years are not allowed entry without someone over 16 years.  

  • Dress Code

There is no prescribed dress code. Wear comfortable shoes that enable walking quickly.

  • Prohibited things to do

Here are a few things you should stay clear of that are not allowed inside the Harry Potter World.

The place is a no-smoking zone. 

You can’t take your pets with you except for guide and hearing dogs.

You aren’t allowed to make unnecessary noise that may offend, intimidate, or disturb visitors and the Warner Bros studio staff. 

  • Food Restrictions

You can bring your food but only consume it in designated areas, such as the backlot or outside the picnic area.

  • Restricted Items

There are a few things that you can’t use inside, such as rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, children’s sitting toys, balls, and frisbees.

Any weapon-like objects are strictly prohibited.

  • Photography and Videography

Taking photos and videos on the Harry Potter World tour is allowed, but you can’t do so within the pre-show cinema, green screen areas, and other restricted areas. 

Now that you know the Harry Potter World tour restrictions, let’s jump to tips for visiting Harry Potter World London. 

Harry Potter World tips and tricks

Harry Potter World London Restrictions
Image: Wizardingworld.com

The Warner Bros. studio in London, or the Harry Potter world, is 22 miles from central London

Thus, taking a quick look and downloading the Warner Bros Studio tour map before visiting will come in handy to navigate inside the place.

  1. Booking suitable tickets is one of the top tips for visiting Harry Potter World London.

But before reaching the attraction, you can avoid all the stress and hassle by booking entry tickets to Harry Potter World beforehand. 

You must book a guided tour of Harry Potter World to learn about the fascinating trivia related to the books, the making of the movies, and much more.

  1. Take your time at the Hogwarts model to appreciate its intricate details. There are numerous Sets, Props, Costumes and much more. 

The Warner Bros Studio for The Making of Harry Potter is large, so you must spend at least 3 to 4 hours fully exploring the place. 

If you are visiting Harry Potter World with kids, getting the Harry Potter World family tour tickets would be more fun and engaging for the family. 

If you want to eliminate the stress of commuting, then you can book a small group transfer tour of the Harry Potter world.

Read how long the Warner Brothers Studio tour is for more information about your visit. 

  1. Start your Harry Potter World Studio tour as early as possible. 

Getting a Harry Potter tour that starts early can give you ample time to do all the activities and explore the Warner Bros Studio thoroughly without hurrying. 

A small group, fully guided tour, including the train travel from central London, will take care of all your requirements. 

  1. Getting the transfer tickets to and from Harry Potter World London will make things smooth for you. 

You can book a tour of Harry Potter World from King’s Cross that includes round-trip transportation and extended time to explore the Warner Bros Studio in London. 

  1. The Warner Bros Studio in London is enormous, with many things to explore and see. 

Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes will be sensible, as you must walk a bit.

  1. Engage with the staff present for more information. You are in good hands if you have taken a guided tour of the Harry Potter world

If you have not, the staff members there can help you with any queries.

They are friendly and enthusiastic and love answering questions and engaging with visitors. 

Take your time and explore the fantastic Harry Potter props and set pieces without hurrying so you can understand how meticulous each thing is.  

  1. Remember to click pictures and videos wherever you can to capture these unforgettable memories. 

Jump on the iconic Sirius Black motorbike. You can use the free wifi to upload your photos instantly! 

  1. Stop by the Warner Bros Studio store to shop those amazing Wands and other quirky and fun stuff to make your Harry Potter World tour even more fun. 

While at it, don’t forget to try out Butter Beer from the range of other eating and dining options. 

  1. Venture beyond the Harry Potter World Studio tour to explore London City and other things related to this fantastic movie franchise. 

If you are a true Potterhead, go on a Harry Potter World tour combining Warner Bros Studio with a walking tour of Harry Potter movie locations in London.


What to expect from Harry Potter World?

Expect a magical experience with sets, props, and costumes from the iconic Harry Potter movies.

Dive into the fascinating world of the books and movies.

Enjoy a large and detailed Warner Bros Studio dedicated to the making of Harry Potter.

What is the best way to see Harry Potter London?

Consider booking suitable tickets in advance to avoid stress and hassle.

Opt for a guided tour to learn about the making of the movies and other trivia.

Start your tour early to have ample time for activities and exploration.

Engage in a small group, fully guided tour for a smoother experience.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you explore the studio’s detailed sets.

Engage with knowledgeable staff to enhance your understanding.

Capture magical moments through photos, but be aware of restricted photography areas.

Try the iconic Butter Beer and visit the Warner Bros Studio store for unique merchandise.

Featured Image: Brightlightsbigcity.co.uk

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