Harry Potter Special Effects: Discover the Magic

Chances are we have all tried and wished we were a wizard and used the spell “wingardium leviosa.”

But if you want to know the secret behind this magic spell, head to the Warner Bros studio in London.

The Harry Potter special effects and Harry Potter VFX form one of the crucial aspects of making the magical world of Harry Potter believable.

On your tour of Warner Bros studio in London, you will get a unique sneak peek into the making of the Harry Potter franchise from behind the scenes.  

All that magic was a combination of Special effects, Visual effects, costumes, props and set-piece design

You can see some of the most prominently used Harry Potter VFX or visual effects and Harry Potter SFX or Special effects in the Warner Bros studio in London. 

So, before you head for your amazing tour of the Harry Potter World in London, let’s check some of the highlights of Harry Potter effects you can expect to see.

Chamber of Secrets 

Among the multiple Harry Potter special effects in the movies, one that stands out is the Chamber of Secrets door.

The heavy metal door with 7 snakes slithering on it was a fully functional and operational door created by the Harry Potter visual effects team. 

The slithering of the snakes was made possible by the slotted tracks powered by an electric motor hidden behind the door.  

Experts had each snake cast in resin and painted before being attached to the door. 

Each snake was carefully attached to retract simultaneously, avoiding any collision.

Invisibility Cloak 

Invisibility Cloak
Image: Facebook.com/wbtourlondon

Haven’t we all wished to possess the Invisibility Cloak from the Harry Potter movies at least once?

The cloak was gifted to Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and was used numerous times throughout the movie franchise. 

Different cloaks were made, including a version with a green fabric lining, allowing the Harry Potter VFX department to make Harry and his friends invisible. 

At the Warner Bros studio tour, you can view Harry Potter’s cloak from the movie, made from a unique velvet fabric with printed Celtic symbols and ancient runes.

But there are other Harry Potter props, like the potion jars.

With a fully guided Warner Bros studio tour, visitors can understand the Harry Potter VFX breakdown and plenty more lesser-known facts.

Whomping Willow 

We all remember the scene when Ron drives the flying car with Harry into the temperamental tree, the Whomping Willow.

The tree began as a simple sketch and was later made into a real Whomping Willow tree by the Harry Potter special effects team. 

The Harry Potter visual effects team created a mechanically operating branch to whomp Mr. Weasley’s flying car. 

 VFX experts built a full-sized tree trunk on set for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The team added the branches digitally in the post-production. 

When Ron took the flying car over London City, it made headlines in the muggle world.

 But you can take a bus tour of the Harry Potter film location in London to explore all those fascinating places.

Or, book a tour for muggles to go on a guided tour of the city with a local guide to see all of the iconic places like Diagon Alley and more iconic shooting locations inside the city. 

Green screen 

Green screen
Image: Thegamer.com

Part and parcel of making such a high-fantasy movie is using many special and visual effects. 

To achieve spectacular Harry Potter Special effects, filmmakers often shoot scenes that need visual effects on a green screen. 

This modification allows them to replace the green color with a completely different background or computer-generated set. 

This includes the Harry Potter Wand special effects, Harry Potter spell SFX and Harry  Potter Wand SFX. 

By experiencing it firsthand, the Harry Potter VFX breakdown will help you further understand the science and technology behind those magical feats. 

One of the experiences you shouldn’t miss out on is taking part in the green screen experience and flying a broomstick over London just like the cast did during filming. 

Book a bus tour of London to see the real-life locations used to film Harry Potter movies. It is a guided London Harry Potter film location bus tour. 

Or, book a walking tour of London to explore the locations used in the Harry Potter movies, including Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley.

Warner Bros studio in London is at least 22 miles (approx 35 km) from Central London.

You can book a round-trip transfer Warner Bros Studio tour to make your visit comfortable, smooth, and hassle-free. 

But true Harry Potter fans will prefer booking a fully-guided tour of Harry Potter World to know about all the fascinating trivia, behind-the-scenes stories, and much more in detail.


Who did the visual effects for Harry Potter? 

Many people were involved in achieving the Harry Potter Special effects, Harry Potter VFX, and Harry Potter SFX. 

They used dedicated Harry Potter special effects software in tandem with practical effects. Some of the popular individuals associated are Paul Norris and Nick Dudman. 

Apart from this, there is not only one single Harry Potter VFX Company associated with the movie series. There were multiple, such as the Framestone, DNEG, MPC Film, and more. 

Featured Image: Buzzfeed.com

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