Harry Potter Props: Witness the Wizardly Wonders

Pack your bags and get to platform number 9 ¾ to catch your magical train for the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London. 

The Making of Harry Potter, Warner Bros Studio is the place where plenty of the movies were filmed.

It features original Harry Potter Props, sets, costumes, and various VFX and SFX experiences that take you behind the screen to reveal how the magic was actually created. 

Whether you are a kid, a Potterhead, or a movie enthusiast, a visit to Harry Potter Studio in London is a must-experience activity.

In this article, let’s take you through the Harry Potter Props list featured in the movies, which guests can see up close. 

From wands, potion vials, and giant mannequins to an array of fantastical props, the Warner Bros Studio has plenty to explore. 

So, before you grab your Warner Bros Studio Tour tickets, let’s give you a peek into the Harry Potter Props you must check out on your visit. 

Harry Potter Props List

The magical world of Harry Potter movies required plenty of original and unique props to make the movies more immersive and fantastical. 

Many of them are still in the Warner Bros Studio in London, making it nothing less than a Harry Potter Props museum for a thorough Potterhead!

Here is a brief list of real Harry Potter Props used in the movie series that became iconic things in themselves. 

  • Portions Classroom :- One of the most iconic pieces of props belongs to the Portions classroom

    To make the set immersive, more than 950 jars were created with unique things, one of them being to make it believable as a magical object. 

    Take your time and observe them closely on your visit to find something interesting. There are always things waiting to be discovered. 
  • Memory Cabinet – One of the elaborate pieces of Harry Potter props that become a part of several iconic scenes is the Memory Cabinet.

    The Graphic Design team hand-designed the labels for more than 900 vials that were put in the cabinet. 

    Many of the labels contain names of various known and unknown characters from the Harry Potter World. Check these out closely to find some familiar names.
  • Professor Umbridge’s Office – One of the most disliked characters in the entire movie series was Professor Umbridge, and her office was meticulously put together. 

    The pink-only office featured a collection of ornate frames and plates with various moving cats. There are more than 130 such Harry Potter Props at the London Studio.

    An interesting bit about these props is real kittens were specifically filmed with crystal balls.
  • Puking Pastilles – It It is one of the most impressive pieces of Harry Potter Props is the giant Puking Pastilles.

    Part of the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, the magic store took more than three months to complete. The highlight of the store was the giant statue displaying colorful pastilles. 

    A team made the 20-foot mannequin of people with a lot of thought and effort to make it stand out from the rest. 

Potions Classroom 

Potions Classroom
Image: Jamesclay.net

You may not be the master of portions, Severus Snape, but you can peruse through the Harry Potter Potions Classroom, filled with different potions. 

The Hogwarts Legacy Potions Classroom is seen in numerous Harry Potter movies. 

There are more than 950 potion jars with more than just intriguing names lining the walls of the Potions classroom. 

Each of these jars has unique props, such as baked animal bones from a local butcher shop, dried leaves, herbs, and shrunken heads made by the props department. 

All the jars feature a label specifically hand-designed by the Graphics Design studio MinaLima. 

This room was a crucial set piece for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. 

The props with the set pieces make you feel you are in the dungeon at Hogwarts! Experience this by booking your Harry Potter World tickets

Read the Harry Potter Sets to learn more about the magnificent set pieces you will witness while visiting the Making of Harry Potter in London.

Memory Cabinet 

We all remember the fascinating shallow-stone basin-like magical device, i.e., a Pensieve that Dumbledore used to review and store memories. 

Well, now you can see all those memories in Dumbledore’s office in the memorial display cabinet.

The Dumbledore’s Memory Cabinet has more than 900 memory vials, which Dumbledore used to store the memories of various people.

Each label of Dumbledore’s memory Cabinet was designed by the Graphics department and then sent to the memory cabinet.

The cabinet names feature familiar characters such as Argus Filch and Professor McGonagall.

While browsing through the vials, you can play a game to check your knowledge of the movie and character and try to recognize the names on them. 

To know the numerous fascinating stories attached to these Harry Potter props and more, you can book a fully-guided Harry Potter tour to explore all behind-the-scenes secrets. 

However, remember that you are neither Dumbledore nor you have the Pensieve, so check the Studio map to remember every step.

Top Harry Potter Tickets in London

1. Harry Potter London Movie Locations Walking Tour

Visit and explore all various Harry Potter film location sites used in the movie and buildings that inspired the books by JK Rowling on an engaging and fun walking tour of London. 

A journey to London Bridge to discover the Leaky Cauldron and Millennium Bridge that crosses the River Thames from St. Paul’s Cathedral to the Tate Museum. 

This is a perfect walking tour for Potterheads and movie enthusiasts to witness ten real locations from the movie with a knowledgeable guide while seeing other famous sites of the city. 

Price –  £17 (US $22)/ adult tickets (14 years & above)

2. Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour from London 

Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing transportation from London to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio to explore the magical world of the Harry Potter Series. 

Learn all the behind-the-scenes secrets of making the Harry Potter series, and look at the original Harry Potter Props, sets, and costumes, among various other things.

This is a perfect Harry Potter Tour for families and visitors who want to avoid the hassle of getting to the Harry Potter Studio through public transportation.

Price – £104 (US $133)/adult tickets (16 years and above)

3. Harry Potter Studios Day Trip from London with Oxford Visit 

A perfect one-day itinerary combining two activities for an adventurous and fun day out trip from London to, first, the Harry Potter Studios.

Witness the real Harry Potter Props and costumes, and learn about VFX & SFX to know behind-the-scenes trickery and magic.

Next up, enjoy a guided tour of Oxford and admire the cobbled streets and dreaming spires to explore the real college buildings and much more. 

This full-day Harry Potter Tour from London with Oxford is perfect for those who want a mix of must-sees and hidden gems in one tour. 

Price – £149 (US $189)/adult tickets (16 years and above)

4. Magical London Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour 

Step out into the bustling streets of London for an interactive Harry Potter Guided Tour around Central London With an expert guide in multiple languages, such as Spanish, English, French, Italian and German. 

Visit the iconic sites used in the Harry Potter movie series, stroll down Diagon Alley and Leaky Cauldron and pass by many other London attractions, such as the London Eye, Trafalgar Square and more. 

This tour is perfect for all Potterheads who want to explore the city and learn more about the sites used in the Harry Potter movies.

Price – £20 (US $26)/adult tickets (18 years & above)

5. Harry Potter and World of Wizarding Exploration Games 

Explore London City and walk through Harry Potter movie locations with a uniquely crafted story-type outdoor escape game. 

Solve the mystery through the clues and, in due process, visit the House of Guards, Cecil Court, Trafalgar Square and many more hidden gems. 

This is a perfect Harry Potter Tour for visitors who want to try new things and explore the city in a much more interactive manner.

Price – £18 (US $22)/guest 

Professor Umbridge’s Office  

Professor Umbridge’s Office
Image: Twitter.com/wbtourlondon

Professor Umbridge from the Ministry of Magic replaced Dumbledore as headmistress at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

The Harry Potter Professor Umbridge Office was very peculiar. The movie’s creators paid great attention to making her office aesthetic and magical-aristocratic. 

Her pink office includes 130 beautiful decorative plates all over the walls.

The highlight is the moving images of kittens and other objects on those decorative plates.  

To achieve this, filmmakers had to photograph and record real kittens with crystal balls, witch hats and balls of wool. 

The team did it with the help of good VFX and post-production editing. To know more about these, read SFX and VFX.

Umbridge’s office appeared in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This unique set is among other exciting things you can see at Harry Potter World.

Puking Pastilles 

Puking Pastilles in harry Potter
Image: Tripadvisor.in

We all remember the troublesome Weasley twins, who were zealous in using magic for fun and mischief. 

At the franchise’s end, they opened a store to sell their innovative inventions for pranks, troubles and fun. 

The novelty joke shop, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, has been given an 18th-century storefront. 

It features extendable ears to fireworks and much more, but its highlight is the massive 20-foot mannequin above the main entrance. 

It took more than 3 months to build. 

And there are 120 different products designed by concept artists, each with nods to Fred and George’s mischievous humor. 

Another property that highlights this beautiful set is the Puking Pastilles dispenser you can experience at the Studio Tour. Head prop-maker Pierre Bohanna created it. 

To see all of these amazing, awe-inspiring, and funny props, get the guided tour of the Warner Bros studio of the making of  Harry Potter in London.

Head to one of the Gift shops at the Warner Bros Studio tour London to find various personalized Harry Potter movie props for sale.


What props are used in Harry Potter?

To create the magical and beautiful world of Harry Potter World, creators used a variety of Harry Potter Props. 

Some of the most popular Harry Potter Props you can witness are Hogwarts Potions Classroom, Dumbledore’s Memory Cabinet, and Professor Umbridge’s Office.

Where are Harry Potter Props?

Most authentic Harry Potter movie props are in the Warner Bros Studio London. 

All you need is a Warner Bros Studio Tour London ticket where you can explore beyond the props, such as the elaborate sets, costumes, and VFX

Who are the props designers in Harry Potter?

The graphic design studio MinaLima designed the Harry Potter Props. The Studio is named after the Two designers who started it. 

Thus, the two major designers of Harry Potter Props are Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima.

What is the most important thing in Harry Potter?

The magical world of Harry Potter is made believable by the detailed Set designs, Meticulous Costumes, and beautiful Harry Potter props. 

So, the culmination of all these individual efforts makes the Harry Potter World so enchanting that it is.

Featured Image: Wbstudiotour.co.uk

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