Harry Potter World London Hours

The Harry Potter World London’s hours keep changing depending on the weekday and the months of the year.

The Warner Bros. Studio London is open every weekday throughout the year, from 9.30 am to 8 pm.

It extends its timings on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), opening from 8.30 am until 10 pm on all months.

However, the Warner Bros Studio Tour timings on weekdays (from Monday to Friday) vary and are subject to change

It opens either at 8.30 am or 9.30 am and closes at either 8 pm or 10 pm, depending on the particular day.

Please refer to the Harry Potter™ Studio Tours calendar to know the exact timings for the day of your visit.

Warner Bros Studio Tour: Harry Potter World London closes from 11 November to 15 November and on the Christmas holidays, 25 and 26 December.

Let’s now look at the detailed information on the opening and closing of Harry Potter World London Hours:

Harry Potter Studios London Opening Times

Harry Potter Studios London Opening Times
Image: Wbstudiotour.co.uk

You must plan and schedule your Warner Bros Studio Tour during the Harry Potter World London hours from 9.30 am to 8 pm.

The Studio remains open during these hours throughout the year with occasional extended hours with early opening times at 8.30 am and late closing until 10 pm.

Even when the Harry Potter Studio London opening hours are from 8.30 am, the Harry Potter Tour begins at 9 am, half an hour later.

When the opening hours of Harry Potter World are changed to 9.30 am, the day’s first tour begins at 10 am.

The opening hours of Harry Potter World may change on any particular day. So, make sure to check the Updates for day-to-day information.

You can avoid all the hassles of planning, transportation etc, by opting for Warner Bros Studio Tour Tickets that include roundtrip transportation from various locations in London.

These Harry Potter World tickets vary based on timings, tour duration, transportation facilities, combos and other amenities.

Visitors can pick Guided tour tickets or Round-trip Transfer tickets to choose their desired tour timings, and save time.

Harry Potter World London Event Dates:

Magical Mischief20 January to 16 April 2024
Relaxed Tour23 February 2024
Return to Azkaban1 May to 4 September 2024
Dark Arts13 September to 10 November 2024
Hogwarts in the Snow16 November to 19 January 2025

Harry Potter Studio Closed Dates

Harry Potter Studio Closed Dates
Image: Facebook.com/wbtourlondon

Harry Potter Studio London remains closed for short periods twice a year. Knowing these Harry Potter Studio closed dates helps you plan your visit accordingly.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The London Harry Potter World remains closed on the Christmas holidays of 25 and 26 December every year.

It also remains closed for annual maintenance for four to five days in November. 

This Year, in 2024, Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios will remain closed from 11 November to 15 November.

Check the Warner Bros Opening hours for precise information about the days you plan to visit Harry Potter World in London.

If you didn’t choose tickets with roundtrip transportation, you must also know how to reach Harry Potter World Studio London. 

Timed Harry Potter World Tickets

Timed Harry Potter World Tickets
Image: Facebook.com/wbtourlondon

Take a magical journey into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with the convenience of Timed Harry Potter World Tickets, with designated entry time.

It helps you avoid long queues at the ticket counter and make advance bookings to reserve your spot at your preferred times.

During peak times, a timed entry ticket and advance booking become essential for seamlessly securing your entry into the wizarding realm.

By choosing the timed tickets to Harry Potter World London, avoid visiting before the opening time and waiting for the gates to open and the tour to begin half an hour after opening.

You won’t have to deal with transportation hassles to and from London and you won’t miss out on the last tour at 4 pm or 6.30 pm (if you are lucky).

Harry Potter World Best Time to Visit

Harry Potter World Best Time to Visit
Image: Facebook.com/wbtourlondon

To avoid crowds, the best time to visit Harry Potter World London is during weekdays, during the lean season (ideally from November to March).

You must avoid holidays and school as the attraction tends to be busier.

Weekdays offer shorter queues and a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the wizarding world.

If you’re eager to connect with fellow Potterheads, participate in Harry Potter quizzes, and enhance your tour experience, it’s recommended to visit during the peak season for more opportunities for interaction.

Harry Potter World Duration of Visit

Harry Potter World Duration of Visit
Image: Facebook.com/wbtourlondon

The duration of your visit to Harry Potter World London can vary depending on your interests and pace.

Most visitors spend around three to four hours touring the Warner Bros Studio London. 

This duration allows for a comprehensive walkthrough of the sets, props, and exhibits.

To fully appreciate the intricate details of the props, costumes, visual effects, and creatures, consider spending at least five to six hours at the studio. 

If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan or wish to soak in every aspect of the wizarding world, you can easily spend an entire day at the studio.

Warner Bros. Studio: Ticket & Transfer

– Entry ticket to the Warner Bros. Studio London

– Luxury bus transportation to and from the studio

– Professional services by a representative at the Studio

Price: £99 per Adult

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Harry Potter Studios & Private Transfer from Central London

– Entrance ticket to Warner Bros. Studios

– Round-trip private car (1-4 people) or minivan (5-8 people)

– Two vehicles for groups of 8 or more people

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Harry Potter Studio Tour and Oxford Day Trip

– Travel in an executive coach

– Access to Warner Bros Studio tour (4 hours)

– Guided walking tour in Oxford (1 hour)

Price: £149 per person

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Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour Including New College

– Harry Potter Warner Bros Tour tickets

– Access to Divinity School

– Admission to New College

– Harry Potter Trivia and Reward

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Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour

– 2.5-hour guided tour

– Optional Thames boat trip

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How many hours does Harry Potter World take?

Most Harry Potter studio London tours take three to four hours for a wholesome experience of watching the Props, Costumes, VFX, and creatures.

Visitors spend approximately 4 hours at the Warner Bros Studio: The Making of Harry Potter, and the entire tour may take up to seven hours with roundtrip transportation.

Can you see all of Harry Potter World in one day?

Yes. You can explore all of Harry Potter World in a single day if you arrive promptly when the tour starts, ideally the Warner Bros Studio London opening hours.

You can easily see all of Harry Potter World in one day, given you arrive half an hour before the tour begins as soon as the Warner Bros studio London opens its gate.

This way, you’ll have time for self-exploration and you won’t rush through the elaborate set pieces and Art design.  

Apart from this, you will also be able to catch the various events & shows running then.

What time can you get into Harry Potter World?

The Harry Potter Studio London opening times are from 9.30 am to 8 pm, with variations based on weekdays, months, peak season etc.

The Harry Potter World opening hours may begin at 8.30 and extend to 10 pm on weekends.

However, the day’s first tour begins half an hour after the gates open at either 8.30 am or 9.30 am, based on your chosen day. 

You must arrive at least 20 minutes before your ticketed time to avoid last-minute hassle. 

What are the Harry Potter World Sunday Hours?

The operating hours for Harry Potter World London on Saturday and Sunday are from 8.30 am to 10 pm throughout the year.

However, it’s advisable to check the official calendar for the most current information, as hours may be subject to change.

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