Harry Potter Costumes: Wear Magic on Your Sleeves

Ever dreamt of putting on the iconic round glasses and lightning-shaped scar of the ‘Chosen One’ or perhaps being the wise Hermione Granger?

Well, you can! Harry Potter costume characters let you dress up as your favorite characters from the magical world.

While wandering through the real sets and props at Harry Potter World London, you will come across the costumes worn by the characters!

You can closely witness the luxury, detail and attention given to each wizarding world Harry Potter costume.

And, remember to put on your favorite Harry Potter costumes when you go on the magical Harry Potter world tour in London.

Those who don’t already have an element of Harry Potter World Costumes can buy one at the Warner Bros Studio tour shop. 

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Costume in London

From Dumbledore’s robes and Hagrid’s giant-sized clothes to the dark allure of Death Eater attire, you will be mesmerized by the Warner Brothers Harry Potter costumes.

Let’s look at some of the highlights of Harry Potter Costume Warner Brothers that you can look forward to after booking the Warner Bros studio tour London tickets. 


Image: Wbstudiotour.co.uk

The most iconic sport in the Harry Potter world has to be the Quidditch tournaments, which remind us of many memorable and thrilling moments. 

The sports costume was equally a fascinating part of the sport. In the initial first two movies, the costumes were pretty thick robes. 

And eventually, lighter and sportier robes appeared in the later Harry Potter movies.

On their Harry Potter World tour in London, all visitors can witness these at the Warner Bros Studio in London. 

Even the more modern tracksuit-style clothes with elbow and knee pads featured in the Harry Potter half-blood Prince are on display here. 

These costume changes show the game’s more ruthless and violent nature, which we witnessed during the games and the house rivalry.

If you are a muggle, just like Hermione and the rest of us, you will love the tour of the muggles, where you can explore various real locations used in the movie.

19 years later 

One of the emotional scenes of the entire franchise is the ending sequence. 

The main characters grow up and send their kids to Hogwarts for the first time, just like how the franchise started with them going to Hogwarts. 

The costumes they all wore in that scene to send off their children from the King’s Cross station are in the Warner Bros studio in London. 

The costumes match the movie’s color pallet, such as the links, oranges, blues and browns. 

The station is also one of the most iconic locations of the entire Harry Potter franchise.

You can book a round-trip transfer tour of Harry Potter from King’s Cross to get the same feel as going to Hogwarts. 

Yule Ball

Yule Ball
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One of the original Harry Potter costume characters at Warner Bros Studios to look forward to is the Yule Ball. 

The Yule Ball, marked to celebrate the Triwizard tournament, showcased a more formal style of wizard wear. 

The costume designer, Jany Temime, took over three months to design the beautiful and iconic gown that Hermione donned. 

The pink gown is on display at the Warner Bros studio in London. The designer made over 300 costumes for this event, including a wizard tuxedo.

Ron’s robe, made from old carpet fabric and acres of laces, is also on display here.

All this is present at the Warner Bros studio in London to explore.

And remember to check out the Warner Bros studio tour store where you can shop for costumes and memorabilia related to the Harry Potter movie franchise. 


The Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire provided some of the most iconic Harry Potter World costume pieces. 

Among them is Beauxbatons, that magical school with the fancy French name led by Madame Maxime.

It’s all about their Harry Potter costume character uniform in French blue (color) that made it stand out. 

The Beauxbatons hats that became an Inseparable identity were designed and produced by renowned milliner Phillip Treacy. 

These are displayed beautifully among other Harry Potter costumes at Warner Bros studio in London. 

To explore this and many more Harry Potter costumes, props and sets, you can go on a guided tour of Harry Potter World.

Ensure you dedicate time to explore the captivating Harry Potter costume section at the studios.

From Harry Potter Hermione costumes to other Harry Potter Costumes for adults, they have an extensive collection of things related to the franchise for you to buy. 

You might even find some wizard-themed wardrobes for yourself in the studio shops.

Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour from London

Warner Bros. Studio Round-trip tour from Central London

  • Round-trip from Victoria Station, Central London
  • Entrance ticket to Harry Potter World
  • Luxury double-decker bus transport
Guided Tour of Warner Bros Studio Tour London

Guided Tour of Warner Bros Studio Tour London

  • Guided tour of Warner Bros. Studio
  • Train transport from central London
  • Timed Entry
  • Personalized tour with a small group
Studio London Tour with Bus Transfers

Warner Bros. Studio London Tour with Bus Transfers

  • Bus transfers from central London
  • Entrance ticket to Warner Bros. Studio Tour
  • Explore iconic Harry Potter sets
  • Access Studio Cafe
Warner Bros. Studio Tour and River Thames Cruise

Warner Bros. Studio Tour and River Thames Cruise

  • Timed entrance to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
  • Hop-on, hop-off cruise included

Harry Potter Costume Exhibition

The Harry Potter Costume Exhibition is a must-visit for those who love details.

Dive into the craft behind the costumes – how they made Dumbledore’s robes flow or Hagrid’s giant-sized clothes. It’s like going backstage at a magical fashion show.

The exhibition pays homage to the Harry Potter universe’s iconic moments, characters, and settings.

From the Yule Ball to the Triwizard Tournament, beautifully crafted Harry Potter Costume Exhibitions transport you into the heart of the wizarding world.

Explore more than just costumes – the exhibition features authentic sets and props from the Harry Potter films, giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the magic-making process.

Taking your kids to the Warner Bros Studio will undoubtedly be the most adventurous thing for them. You can book a round-trip transfer family tour of Harry Potter World and enjoy exploring the magical Harry Potter Word.

This Warner Bros Studio tour is for two adults and two kids. But, if your group size is bigger, a small group transfer ticket to Harry Potter World would suit your needs.


Can you wear costumes to Harry Potter Studios?

Yes! We say go for it! Dressing up as your favorite wizard or witch is a fantastic way to make your Harry Potter Studios tour visit even more magical.

Whether you want to be the Chosen One with the round glasses or channel the wisdom of Hermione Granger, wearing costumes adds extra excitement to your experience.

Can adults dress up at Harry Potter World?

Absolutely! Age is just a number in the wizarding world. Grown-ups are totally welcome to join the fun and dress up as their favorite characters.

Adults can let their inner wizard or witch shine, whether they fancy Dumbledore’s robes, Hagrid’s larger-than-life attire, or the mysterious Death Eater costumes.

So, dig out that wizard hat, put on those robes, and prepare for an enchanting adventure!

What is the dress code at Harry Potter World London?

There isn’t any specific dress code, but given the extensive walking involved in the Harry Potte Studio Tours, wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

Read the tips for visiting and restrictions on items for a smooth visit.

However, you can adorn yourself with Harry Potter costume characters, whether in every day Muggle clothes or rocking a detailed Harry Potter costume.

Let the magic unfold as you explore the captivating world created by J.K. Rowling.

Can you purchase Harry Potter costumes at the Warner Bros Studio tour shop?
Absolutely! The studio shop has you covered. From Harry Potter Hermione costumes to outfits for adults, they’ve got a bunch of wizard-themed stuff for you to buy.

So, if you didn’t bring your magical gear, no worries – you can get some enchanting costumes and take a piece of the wizarding world home at studio shops. Happy shopping!

Featured Image: Wbstudiotour.co.uk

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